PMT's best of the web list | Pacific Medical ACLS

PMT's best of the web list | Pacific Medical ACLS

Yuhan Zhang

We recently launched an exciting new addition to our website. Over the years, we have come to appreciate good website design, clear information and unique visions. As such, we have selected a number of websites for our brand new “best-of” page. We awarded ten websites in a number of different categories.

They are…

Cardiac websites — These sites feature habits to keep the heart healthy and cover a variety of topics including healthy eating and exercise.

Pediatric websites — These sites focus in on raising and maintaining healthy children. There is a wealth of information for raising healthy children. We found some of the best!

EMS & EMT websites — The true front-line warriors of the emergency medical world are the EMTs and EMS workers. Many of these sites feature war stories and offer tips and support for other emergency responders.

Nursing websites — Nurses are often considered the backbone of the medical world. There are thousands of websites devoted to nursing. We found and featured our favorite ones.

Doctor websites — Doctors are generally busy people! We were particularly impressed to find a number of doctors with phenomenal communication and web design skills.

Non-profit websites — These websites represent organizations that are truly seeking to change the world. Many of these organizations seek to bring medical supplies, services, and training to the medical world.

Naturopathic websites — In the past 10 years, alternative and eastern medical practices have gained a significant foothold in the United States. Many forward-thinking doctors are seeking ways to combine western medicine with eastern medicine to develop the best possible medical practices.

You can visit our full “best-of” list right here.