ACLS crash cart questions - Pacific Medical ACLS

Below, we have published questions our students and other medical professionals have sent our medical writers about ACLS crash carts. We have done little to edit the questions, so please be mindful that the askers are not likely to be linguists or grammarians and in some cases English is not their first language. Brackets will be used where words were added to enhance clarity.

I am interested in learning about the requirements/recommendations put forth by Pacific Medical Training and ACLS on the proximity of medical carts involved in an emergency, i.e., Broselow, post-partum hemorrhage and I.V. Sedation carts. Is there a standard maximum distance these carts can be kept away from a patient’s room? Due to the emergent nature of these items, how long should a unity take to utilize this equipment and where is the best place to have these located?

There is no standard. This would be defined by the needs of the unit on which they are being used.