PMT Pretests



Here are the answers to our ACLS Basics sample test.

  1. Either a medical emergency team or a rapid response team.

  2. The patient is considered to have prehypertension.

  3. C. The reason for the short five second window is to keep interruptions to the chest compressions as minimal as possible.

  4. A. The first item to check is if there is an existing IV line. If not, the antecubital vein is the ideal site for a large-gauge IV catheter. The next alternative site would be the external jugular (peripheral).

  5. B. AVPU. The complete memory aid is: Alert, Verbal Stimuli, Painful Stimuli, Unresponsive.

  6. B. 20-mL of IV fluid should be used as a flush after IV drugs administered by bolus injection.

  7. A. Ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.

  8. A. Defibrillation.

  9. A. These drugs are also known as vasopressors.

  10. C. It's part of circulation in the secondary survey.