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Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our "Best of Cardiac Sites" award. We fully appreciate and can understand the time and commitment it takes to maintain a website and continue to provide current content easily accessible to the sites viewers.


  1. — HeartMath was created by Doc Childre in an effort to connect the heart to the whole body. Today, HeartMath offers three products to help individuals achieve a heart-centered, whole body balance, one of which allows the healthcare professional and the patient to share information to better create the ideal whole body balance. Also available are coaches that provide clients with the support they need on their journey to better health. HeartMath has been integrated into hospitals, providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to better handle stressful situations. HeartMath provides multiple programs for the workplace.
    Heart math
  2. — Heartzones puts the power of training in the individual’s hands. Heart rate training allows the individual to find what zone their heart rate is in during exercise. These zoning cards are available for purchase from the site. Athletes that enjoy running, cycling, and triathlons, can connect with others and find support through articles posted on the site regularly. Heartzones has created a program for schools using wearable technology, designed make physical education fun and provide them with a way to get active and stay active.
    Heart zones
  3. — HRI was established in 1989 and is based in Australia. The HRI lists their 12 research areas on their site and delves into more information about each one. These research areas include the research they are currently doing on free radicals and inflammation. The HRI wants to research more about the causes and effects of cardiovascular disease. Conducting this research allows the HRI to educate patients on how the disease can be prevented and provide a better quality of life for patients who are living with heart disease. The site offers a free heart disease information pack, further proving their dedication to educating the public on preventative care. Part of HRI’s research is to make the only stroke drug available even better, they are hoping that it will promote more brain energy for those that have had strokes. While this achievement may be some time away, donations are more important than ever.
    Doctor Steven Park
  4. — The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano received a three-star rating from The Society of Thoracic Surgeons. The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano conducts clinical trials, a list can be found on the site. A complete description of what the trials are intended for is listed within each section. There is an extensive list of the cardiovascular specialties the hospital offers. Under the patients and families tab, one can find information about their stay or their family members stay at the hospital. Particularly comforting was the “Meet Your Care Team” section. Anyone the patient may come in contact with the various staff members listed along with what their functions and goals are. There are also phone numbers listed, giving the patient and their families a powerful tool to resolve any problems and get their needs met quickly. This site offers so much information, it is easy to navigate, and strives to make patients feel that they will be in a safe place in The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano.
    Doctor Christiane Northrup
  5. — The Carillon Mitral Contour System treats functional mitral regurgitation. This procedure has been shown to make a positive difference in the lives of patients with functional mitral regurgitation. The procedure takes about 40 minutes to complete. This particular device is used in such a way that other treatments for heart failure can still be used. This is currently not available in the United States, but Cardiac Dimensions is working on ongoing studies around the world including Poland and France. On the site, prospective patients can find more information about the ongoing studies and what results are available so far. There is one video that is particularly inspiring. It is an interview with a patient before and after the procedure and includes commentary from the patient’s physician that performed the procedure.
    Cardiac dimensions
  6. — HeartFlow Analysis allows physicians to see exactly where patients have blockages and what is then happening to the blood flow in the coronary arteries. This is done by using a coronary CT scan and the HeartFlow Analysis does the rest. A complete 3-D model is created allowing the patient’s physician to see into the patient’s heart in a non-invasive way. Studies have shown that HeartFlow has been able to keep patients from having invasive procedures and testing. The site is very simple to navigate. There is a Board of Directors and Management Team drop-down section on the site that gives a brief professional description of each member, adding a personalized touch to something that is very clinical.
    Heart flow
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