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Our ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses satisfy CE requirements for dentists, and pharmacists. Nurses and Physicians do not require CME

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Colorado Springs FAQs

When is the next Colorado Springs ACLS course?

Our courses don’t have start times. We provide you access to complete online ACLS training material which you can use for as long as you want until you feel prepared to take the ACLS exam.

What is the best way to study for the Colorado Springs PALS?

An organized method that allows you to carefully work through the chapters is best. One method we recommend is to block 1–3 hours of time over 3 consecutive days.

Where can I find in person training

Cascade Training Center / 9925 Federal Drive STE 150 Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Southwest Regional CPR, Inc. / 2117 Templeton Gap Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80907-7154

Critical care providers should know

In many critical health data categories, Colorado Springs ranks well nationally. However, babies born with a low birth weight were well above the national average. Colorado Springs reported that 9.8% of babies born would qualify as low birth weight. The national target is 6%. Colorado Springs was very close to the national goal of 10% of adults who report poor to fair health. Colorado Springs reported 11% of adults with fair to poor health. Obesity and smoking percentages for adults in Colorado Springs were both 20%. The national benchmark for obesity is 15% and the smoking goal for 2020 is 12%. The percentage of adults in Colorado Springs who are diabetic is 6%.

El Caso County Public Health Department provides a wide array of services that help to treat and prevent poor health and chronic disease. Flu vaccines are treatment type services that the County provides while the series “You Can Quit” is a training program that intends to help people stop smoking. The El Caso County Public Health Department has identified 10 winnable battles to focus on. Winning these battles in the community would reduce existing health hazards and improve long term health and wellness. The winnable battles are clean air, unintended pregnancy, clean water, tobacco, infectious disease prevention, safe food, injury prevention, oral health, mental health and substance abuse, and obesity.

Major hospitals in Colorado Springs

Hospital name Address Map
Penrose Community Urgent Care 3205 North Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80917 Click to view full-size
St. Francis Medical Center 6001 East Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923 Click to view full-size
Memorial Health System 175 S Union Blvd # 340, Colorado Springs, CO 80910 Click to view full-size

About Colorado Springs

In 1886, the city of Colorado Springs became an official city in Colorado. Today, it is one of the most frequently visited travel destinations in the United States, largely because of its prime location right by the Rocky Mountains. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful landscapes in the entire country.

The biggest attractions in the city all center on the vast mountain ranges. Visitors come to take pictures of unique rock formations, hike through various terrains within the mountains, and explore caves and other natural landscape features. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors and seeing wildlife or who just looks for extreme sporting opportunities will enjoy the many city and national parks and nature trails that are abundant in the city.

Also, this city is well known for its importance in preparing the nation’s top athletes for the Olympics. It is home to the famous United States Olympic Training Center, where the best of the best go to train and get in their best shape for the most sought after international sporting event.

While there are many museums positioned throughout the city, the main reason visitors come to Colorado Springs is to experience the outdoor environment and allure of the wonderful landscape. There are some resorts and luxury hotels, but most visitors are more interested in getting out in the wild, renting cabins, or camping outdoors for their stay.

Pacific Medical Training course acceptance chart

PMT Colorado Springs news

June 16, 2016 — $2.5 million in health grants awarded

Lease payments made by UCHealth for city-owned Memorial Hospital are funding grants to mostly local agencies to improve community health.

Full Story / June 16, 2016