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Best of doctor websites 2014 | Pacific Medical Training

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Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our "Best of Doctor Sites" award. We fully appreciate and can understand the time and commitment it takes to maintain a website and continue to provide current content easily accessible to the sites viewers.


  1. — Physicians Practice is a community of healthcare professionals, offering resources about every aspect of the medical field. It’s definitely the go-to source for information for medical professionals who are seeking advice about law and malpractice, compensation, and recent healthcare news.
    Physicians Practice
  2. — Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin regional health care network is the only health system in southeastern Wisconsin that includes an academic-community partnership. Health resources include several blogs written by medical experts that provide insight on specific diseases, treatments, prevention, and more.
    Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin
  3. — Clinical researcher and author Neal Barnard, M.D., is one of America’s leading advocates for health, nutrition, and higher standards in research. As the principal investigator of several human clinical research trials, whose results are published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, Dr. Barnard has examined key issues in health and nutrition. His site offers information on his upcoming events, books, and other publications.
    Clinical researcher and author Neal Barnard, M.D.,
  4. — The Examining Room of Dr. Charles is a blog about life in medicine. Dr. Charles writes about medical news, clinical studies, and curious bits of knowledge. He also occasionally posts poems and vignettes pertaining to scientific and medical aspects of life.
    The Examining Room of Dr. Charles
  5. — Dr. Kevin Campbell is a Cardiologist committed to the treatment and prevention of sudden cardiac death in the US.  He is focused on  providing advanced therapies to the underserved, particularly women and minorities, and is also an on- air TV personality for Fox News and Fox Business Channels where each week he discusses current health and medical topics of interest in order to positively impact public health in the US.
    Dr. Kevin Campbell
  6. Dr. Andy Fine does more than treat patients, he maintains a site with some great articles too. If you’re wondering what cluster headaches are, why we hiccup, or what the best treatment for muscle pain is, head on over and see what he has to say!
    Dr. Andy Fine
  7. Doc Gurley is passionate about the quality of health reporting. Her blog explains her philosophies, looks in an unbiased way at current medical issues, and offers advice to both doctors and patients about giving and receiving the best medical care possible.
    Doc Gurley

  8. Dr. Mike Sevilla’s blog provides honest and practical commentary on medicine and social media, particularly how the two can work together. He shares some great content for both medical professionals and patients.
    Dr. Mike Sevilla