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East South Central region course acceptance

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This chart lists major cities in the East South Central region where Pacific Medical Training online emergency education courses are accepted, plus city-specific statistics and related information.

City Critical care statistics Major hospitals PMT courses accepted
Louisville 2017: 12% of the population is diagnosed with asthma.
Adults who regularly participate in physical activities dropped from 79% in 2004 to 72%
The percentage of adults who smoke is 22.3%.
Percentage of adults obese or overweight is 31.1%.
Percentage of residents who visited the dentist in the past year decreased from 72.4% to 69.3%
On average 144 cases for AIDS have been registered from 2017-2020 each year.
Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Baptist Hospital East
Jewish Hospital
Kindred Hospital Louisville
Nashville Rate of cancer deaths has dropped in Davidson County by 6% to 198.2 per 100,000 persons since 2003
67% improvement in prostate cancer cases
34% improvement in breast cancer cases
End-stage renal disease (ESRD) had a 73% increase since 2003
Heart disease increased; 3.5% since 2003
Deaths due to stroke; 3.1%
Percentage of adults with healthy weight is 39.5% and; decreased slightly from 40.9% in 2003
In 2018, 31% Tennesseans are obese
In 2019 13.5% of Nashville residents reported not having health insurance
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
St. Thomas Hospital
Baptist Hospital
Nashville General Hospital

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