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Elizabeth Gonzalez Cueto

Elizabeth Gonzalez Cueto

Elizabeth González Cueto, is a doctor and works as an interpreter and translator.

She speaks English, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. She studied English at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has IETLS level C1 certification. She studied Mandarin Chinese at the Confucius Institute and is HSK and HSKK certified, as well as French at Accent Francais in Montpellier, France.

She has a degree in medicine from the National Polytechnic Institute; During her studies, she attended and participated in national and international conferences. Subsequently, she completed a year of medical internship at the General Hospital of Mexicali, where she rotated in different services such as Internal Medicine, Emergency, Gynecology, Surgery, Community Medicine, and Pediatrics.

She also worked for a year in the virology and immunovirology laboratory of the National School of Biological Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, evaluating the arboviral response in various cell models and carried out a project on the evaluation and expression of transcription factors in platelets infected with dengue.

She is currently a member of the Mexican Virology Network and the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

She has made collaborations in the medical and research fields. She made a review of antimicrobial resistance and gonorrhea infection. In the virology laboratory, he supported some manuscripts on arboviruses and platelets. She recently collaborated with the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases in the writing of a clinical case on COVID-19.

Also through Upwork she has translated articles and medical records for various clients.

She has experience as a medical translator evaluating patients for Angel City Research, a multi-specialty clinical research group located in Los Angeles, California, the USA with a special interest in treatments for Diabetes and related disorders.