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Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our "Best of EMS & EMT Sites" award. We fully appreciate and can understand the time and commitment it takes to maintain a website and continue to provide current content easily accessible to the sites viewers.


  1. — The Austin-Travis County EMS website is full of helpful information, safety tips, workshop dates and more. Providing services beyond emergency medical response, the Austin-Travis County EMS makes an effort to be accessible to the community. Their website includes a wealth of safety information for how to respond to medical emergencies and how to be safe during each season of the year. Additionally, workshops for first response skills, training, safety checks and more are listed for the public to attend or contact the EMS team to schedule the relevant event.
    Austin texas emergency medical services
  2. — A group of Boston College student volunteers make up the Boston College EMS. The group provides basic life support by training student EMTs to respond to campus emergencies. Through their comprehensive website, users can learn about their round the clock services which include the use of a vehicle for transporting medical supplies. Additionally, the group provides CPR training and stand-by event support for the university community. This outstanding group has been operating since 1997.
    Life under the lights
  3. — The Department of Health for Rhode Island provides an excellent resource for EMS within its website. The page includes useful publications on many topics from guides and manuals to evaluation forms and exams. In addition, special attention is given to children through the EMS for children program ensuring that pediatric services are well integrated into the EMS staff base knowledge.
    Rhode Island EMS
  4. — Allied Medical Training is a group based in St. Paul Minnesota providing excellence in EMT, EMR and refresher courses. Using a combination of online and onsite educational options, Allied Medical Training provides all of the information you need to know through their user-friendly website. Additionally, the site is home to a lively and interesting blog to read through their “news” tab.
    Everyday EMS tips
  5. — NAEMT or the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians is a group committed to advocating for and representing all EMS practitioners. Through their extensive website, many areas of the EMS profession are explored including education, worker’s safety, and advocacy. The organization, which was formed in 1975 has a long history in advocating for EMS professionals, taking a stake in everything from laws and legislation to salaries and public image. In addition to information on each of these issues, the website also provides excellent coverage of news pertinent to EMS professionals and a complete history of the profession. Finally, membership options provide extended support for EMS professionals.
    National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
  6. — Percom serves Texas and some of the surrounding states with EMS profession training. Providing courses from the basics of EMTs through paramedics and instructor courses, Percom provides the full range of instruction necessary to advance any EMS professional’s career. In addition, online and onsite combination courses are offered for the convenience of students. The website provides all of the pertinent information for potential students including course dates, and payment and contact details.
    Street watch
  7. — It is worth directly quoting the one sentence on the About page of, “The purpose of this blog IS to frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress to those who intend to keep EMS from improving.” Clearly, the author cares deeply about the state of EMS. The Rogue Medic is a passionate and knowledgeable author who never fails to both entertain and educate. If you want to be challenged and entertained, we highly recommend that you spend some time on
    rogue medic
  8. FireEms blogs can best be described as home base for some of the best and post prolific EMS/firefighter themed blogs in existence today. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a successful EMS blog that is not partnered with FireEMSblogs. We applaud their efforts and the significant impact that they have made in pulling together the EMS community from around the world. Great job FireEMSblogs! You have certainly earned a spot on our “best-of” list.
  9. — was created to promote safety and to do more to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries. This site gives a tremendous amount of resources and content for firefighter safety. The following are some titles of their library of safety guides: Culture Change, Accountability, Risk Management, Training & Certification, Response Policies, and much more. If you are a firefighter or an EMS you would do well to spend some time on this website to expand your knowledge of safety measures!

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