The Best Medical Websites

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Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our "Best of EMS & EMT Sites" Award. We fully appreciate and can understand the time and commitment it takes to maintain a website and continue to provide current content easily accessible to the sites viewers.


  1. - is revolutionizing the way in which the EMS community finds relevant news, identifies important training information, interacts with each other and researches product purchases. They are one of the leading resources serving the Emergency Medical Services community and provide paramedics, EMTs and first responders with a complete range of industry information.

  2. - Wilderness Medical Associates International is dedicated to the development of remote and practical medicine around the globe. Their curriculum, overseen and continually revised by a committee of medical practitioners and academics, has been taught on all seven continents; they train over 8,000 students a year, and will train the responders and practitioners needed for medical care in low resource settings around the world.

    Wilderness Medical Associates International

  3. - Rescuing Providence relays Michael Morse’s experiences inside an advanced life support vehicle in Providence, Rhode Island. His stories are true, changed only to protect patient confidentiality. He also has published some great books about his experiences in the medical field.

    Rescuing Providence

  4. - Firehouse Zen is written by Mick Mayers, a battalion chief with Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue in South Carolina. His goal for his blog is to engage others in making our world a better place. As a fourth generation firefighter brought up in a firehouse, he has a lot of experience to bring to the discussion.

    Firehouse Zen

  5. - Listed as “a therapy blog with an EMS problem”, the happy medic offers practical advice for EMS professionals, all from the personal experience of the site’s owner, Justin. We appreciate his concise explanations and his skill for adding humor even to serious topics.

    Happy Medic

  6. - The High Performance EMS site is a community dedicated to increasing agency performance by promoting useful information about developing trends and improvements in advanced medical care. Their blog has some great tips for EMS professionals about subject ranging from dealing with everyday situations to trying to utilize social media.

    The High Performance EMS site

  7. - John Mitchell is a firefighter/paramedic and lieutenant in Chicago who writes about the daily life of firefighters and the issues of the paramedic industry. He comments on national and local policy, as well as everyday experiences for firefighters and paramedics.

    John Mitchell

  8. - Sunstar Paramedics has received multiple recognitions both nationally and in their locality of Pinellas County, Florida. Their dedication to excellent patient care and their influence on the surrounding medical community is admirable. Their site includes safety tips ranging from dangerous intersections in their area to safety tips when buying gifts for children.

    Sunstar Paramedics

  9. - Leatherhead 109, also known as Ben Fleagle, is a lifelong student of the fire service and a self-proclaimed warrior poet. He writes about his experience as a fireman in order to keep the spirit and heritage of the American Fire Service alive. His writing is inspirational whether you’re in the fire service or not, so stop by and learn things you never knew about the firemen who put everything on the line to keep others safe.

     Leatherhead 109

  10. - The Tennessee EMSC Foundation is dedicated to providing on-going education and training to ensure that emergency care providers, nurses, and physicians in Tennessee can give the best care to every critically ill or injured child they treat. Their site contains information about causes and events to help children receive the healthcare and treatment they deserve.

    The Tennessee EMSC Foundation