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Accepted across North America and Canada, done in 3 hours. Up to 8 AMA CME/CE credits each.

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Do you know the difference between v fib and v tach? We teach advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and basic life support (BLS) to Florida medical professionals. Our courses are 100% online and you can finish them in a few hours. We also offer pediatric advanced life support (PALS) for providers who work with children.

State acceptance in Florida

Physicians: We are accepted by the FL Board of Medicine because we are accredited by AMA (category 1)

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Nurses: We are accepted by the FL Board of Nursing because we are ANCC accredited

Courses must be approved by a state or national organization empowered to accredit nursing continuing education.

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Dentists: We are accepted by the FL Board of Dentistry because we are accredited by ADA CERP

64B5-12.020 Courses required of licensees for renewal and reactivation. Licensed dentists and dental hygienists are required to complete the following continuing education during each license renewal biennium. (1) Training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the basic support level, including one-rescuer and two-rescuer CPR for adults, children, and infants; the relief of foreign body airway obstructions for adults, children, and infants; the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED); and the use of ambu-bags resulting in certification or recertification by the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross or an entity with equivalent requirements.

28 CE hours Required to have a current CPR certification and it must be a live course

Board Rule Approved Providers American or National Dental Associations

Click on: Requirements and then select rule 64B5-12.020

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Pharmacists: We are accepted by the FL Board of Pharmacy because we are ACPE accredited

28 hours of CME are required. They can be ACPE or board approved. 10 of the 28 general hours must be live.

Pharmacists who wish to provide immunizations must take a board approved immunization training program. The program must be at least 20 hours and include a review of immunization laws and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. The statewide association must be accredited to provide American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award (AMA PRA), category I continuing medical education (CME).

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EMS workers: Our courses count in FL as acceptable CME

64J-1.022 cardiopulmonary and advanced cardiac life support courses. (1) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) courses are defined as equivalent to CPR or ACLS courses conducted by the American Heart Association or American Red Cross.

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Tattoo artists: Our bloodborne pathogen course is acceptable in FL

Tattoo Educational Courses

64E-28.003 Licensure requirements for a tattoo artist. (b) A copy of the certificate of training proving completion of a department approved course on blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases with having achieved a minimum score of seventy percent (70%) on the course examination.

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4.2.4 First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) A. One child care personnel with current and valid certificate(s) of course completion for first aid training and one child care personnel with current and valid certificate of course completion for pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures must be present at all times that children are in care. The same child care personnel may satisfy both requirements. 0-25 children = 3 staff CPR certified 26-50 children = 4 staff CPR certified

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS, we have you covered.

Affordable CPR Training / 51334 S.E. 17th street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

City of Miramar Fire Rescue / 514801 SW 27th St Fd Station #84 Miramar, FL 33027-4100

CPR Healthcare Experts / 51484 Gulf to Bay Blvd Clearwater, FL 33755

Florida Gateway College / 5149 SE College Pl Lake City, FL 32025-2006

Advanced Cardiac Training / 51500 Beach Blvd, Suite 224 Jacksonville, FL 32250

Total number of locations: 134.

To schedule a session, please see our to in-person skills test for CPR or for ACLS.

Pacific Medical Training course acceptance chart

Life saving stories

Here's a few stories that warmed our heart. Just sharing and thanking you for choosing a career that helps people that need it most.

Florida boy and 'stranger things' fan, Austen, emerges as hero after rescuing therapist from drowning

A 12-year-old Florida boy's swift actions and admiration for "Stranger Things" played a crucial role in rescuing a man from drowning. The incident unfolded on Labor Day in Wellington, near West Palm Beach. While engaged in a breath-holding competition with his behavioral therapist, Jason Piquette, the therapist became unresponsive. Security footage captured Piquette motionless in the pool after a prolonged underwater duration. Austen, realizing the severity, rescued Piquette and performed CPR. Despite facing obstacles, including a cracked phone screen, Austen's quick thinking revived Piquette, earning him praise as a hero. The boy's mother urges parents to learn from this life-saving episode.

Full Story / September 13, 2023

Heroic teachers save school security officer's life with CPR

Three educators at Greentree Preparatory Charter School became lifesavers when their school security officer, Scott Weissman, collapsed, experiencing two heart stoppages. Swift implementation of CPR, a skill acquired just a week before during mandatory training, kept Weissman alive. The teachers, Jeannie Luna-Verda, Pam Farran, and Monica Merchan, had learned the life-saving techniques from Dynamic Integrated Security trainers. Weissman, now recovering from cardiac procedures, hopes his survival inspires other schools to prioritize CPR training. Greentree Prep Charter School, already committed to regular staff CPR and first aid instruction.

Full Story / September 7, 2023

Highschool student saved by CPR

Robertson was walking around the campus when she came across a student who had collapsed outside. She assessed him and knew that he was suffering from cardiac arrest. They used AED to provide him shocks along with providing CPR until EMS arrived. He has recovered and is back to school now.

Full Story / August 30, 2021

Woman saves her neighbor

Billy Bass choked on a piece of steak and was about to pass out when he ran for help. His neighbor, Aranda, saw him and instantly knew that something was wrong. Ahe instantly started performing the Heimlich maneuver. Just after one or two thrusts, the piece popped out and he regained his breath.

Full Story / May 13, 2020

Teenager remembers comedy series and saves a life

Jack Menzies managed to save an elderly's life thanks to his basic CPR knowledge and for remembering the comedic series "Scrubs". It all happened at a pensacola neighborhood. Greg Yost was driving with his wife when he suddenly lost consciousness. Greg's wife Tony Yost got out of the car and started screaming for help. Luckily for them, Jack was passing nearby with his aunt. The heroic teenager jumped to help by remembering the chest compressions done on Scrubs series and singing "Staying Alive" song in his mind, he began giving CPR assistance until the ambulance arrive to transport the elderly to a nearby hospital.

Full Story / August 24, 2017

Patrolling and CRP

It was all in a day’s work for officer Karleigh Smoak when she received notice of Juan Jose San Juan of 66 years old found unconscious by his wife. Officer Smoak quickly arrived to the house and after examining the body she began doing CPR untl EMS arrived to the scene and took over.

Full Story / August 26, 2016

Firefighter helps during a holiday

For firefighter David Burnett, being on vacation doesn’t mean not helping when lives are in danger. He was out in the backyard for a cookout when they heard screams from the neighboring house. Even if Burnett didn’t hear them at first, a friend told him about the noise and he immediately rushed over to help. A six-foot fence didn’t stand in the way, as he easily got over it and found a 3-year-old girl next to the pool, blue and unconscious. Burnett immediately administered CPR and asked the girl’s father to call 911. The girl was able to breathe normally after being resuscitated and cried all the way to the hospital. Her recovery was fast, thanks to the holiday help extended by the firefighter.

Full Story / June 27, 2015

: Woman survives dinnertime cardiac arrest

A woman was just sitting down for dinner while visiting New York City when her mother suddenly saw her seizing. Two young men went to her aid. They searched for a pulse, but found none. They began to do chest compressions. An emergency management team was hailed and when they arrived, she was already revived. They immediately wheeled her off to the hospital where she’d be able to get more thorough observation and care. She is now a survivor of a cardiac arrest and she stresses the importance of learning CPR so that people would be able to help others whenever such an occurrence takes root in other people’s lives.

Full Story / June 1, 2015

Early CPR for electrocuted victim stops brain damage

Surrounded by emergency crews because of his sister who is a paramedic, Levi Buttrill is used to hearing survival stories, but he did not expect he’ll get one of his own. During one working day, he was electrocuted in the construction site. According to his co-workers, he stopped breathing as was has brought down to a safe zone. His best friend immediately called 911 and performed chest compressions according to the instructions of the dispatcher. Thankfully, an Ocean City fire chief took over the CPR until paramedics arrived. If not for his friends’ efforts, Buttrill could possibly suffer from brain damage, or worse, death.

Full Story / May 29, 2015

CPR saves father from seizure-turned-horror accident

It is not uncommon for Lauren Bertke to assist in hands-only CPR through the phone. In the early Saturday morning, the public communications officer received a call for help from Vince Hogan, who is trying to revive his father from a seizure. Mercer Hogan had already stopped breathing and the 29-year-old son was frantic to get a pulse. He applied chest compressions according to the instructions of the 911 dispatcher. The paramedics arrived just in time to take over the CPR attempts and wheel the older Hogan to a hospital, where it was found out he suffered from a heart attack. The father is truly proud of his son and grateful for his efforts to keep him alive.

Full Story / May 27, 2015