Accredited, online ACLS training in Georgia

Accepted across North America and Canada, done in 3 hours. Up to 8 AMA CME/CE credits each.

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State acceptance in Georgia

Physicians: We are accepted by the GA Board of Medicine because we are accredited by AMA (category 1)

Chapter 360-15 Continuing Education rule Rule 360-15-.01 requirements for physicians (2) The Board accepts the following as meeting its requirement for Board approval: (a) A.M.A. (American Medical Association) category 1 credit;

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Nurses: We are accepted by the GA Board of Nursing because we are ANCC accredited

Effective January 31, 2016, all registered nurses will be required to complete continuing education/competency requirements as a condition of licensure renewal. Georgia law provides five options from which licensees may choose in order to satisfy the continuing competency requirements.

Georgia Board of Nursing Acceptable providers for continuing education for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses Acceptable continuing education may be taken in a conventional classroom setting, through online courses, professional journals, correspondence or independent study.

  1. Any provider, recognized by a national credentialing body, offering certification in the licensed nurse’s specialty area of practice. Examples of national nurse credentialing/certification bodies include but are not limited to:

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Dentists: We are accepted by the GA Board of Dentistry because we are accredited by ADA CERP

Rule 150-3-.09 Continuing Education for Dentists (d) Effective January 1, 2008, at least twenty (20) of the required forty (40) hours of credit must be acquired in person at an on-site course or seminar; you are not allowed to acquire all CE hours through on-line courses, electronic means, journal studies, etc.

Rule 150-3-.08 CPR Requirements for Dentists (2) Coursework, including home study courses, sponsored or approved by the following recognized organizations will be accepted: (a) American Dental Association/American Dental Hygienists association, and their affiliate associations and societies;

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Click on Board Rules and then select Chapter 150-3. Licence requirements

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Pharmacists: We are accepted by the GA Board of Pharmacy because we are ACPE accredited

Rule 480-3-.03. Continuing Pharmacy Education (9) Approval of providers and sponsors shall be as follows: (b) American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (A.C.P.E.) approved providers shall submit documentation to the Board of such approval every two (2) years and have blanket approval.

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Pg. 7 Attest pharmacist holds current CPR/BLS certification

Pg. 7 Attest pharmacist holds current CPR/BLS certification

EMS workers: Our courses count in GA as acceptable CME

Rule 511-9-2-.02 Definitions The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation of these standards: (a) “Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification” means successful completion of a department approved course utilizing nationally recognized advanced cardiac care standards. (u) “CPR Certification” means successful completion of a department-approved healthcare provider course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Tattoo artists: Our bloodborne pathogen course is acceptable in GA

Northwest Georgia Health Required documentation for body artist license o Proof of completion of basic first aid/CPR training o Proof of completion of OSHA approved bloodborne pathogens/universal precautions training

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Cobb County

Part 18 personnel (2) Evidence of basic first aid certification or equivalent and completion of an OSHA approved bloodborne pathogen/universal precautions training program

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DeKalb County

Sec. 13-314. - Body crafter requirements and permit. Current certification in emergency first aid, CPR, and blood-borne pathogen or infection control training, from agencies licensed by the state or applicable federal authority.

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Training. The center director must successfully complete a biennial training program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and a triennial training program in first aid and shall have current evidence of the successful completion of such training. The training must be done by certified or licensed health care professionals or trainers and must deal with the provision of emergency care to infants and children. In addition, at any given time, at least fifty percent (50%) of the caregiver Staff shall have completed such training and shall have current evidence of the completion of such training. (a) In a Center that provides transportation, either the driver or another Staff person present on the vehicle shall have current evidence of successful completion of a biennial training program in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and a triennial training program in first aid offered by certified or licensed health care professionals or trainers and which dealt with the provision of emergency care to infants and children. (2) Staffing requirement. Whenever any child is present, there must always be a staff member on the center premises and on any field trip who is trained in CPR and first aid. All Staff who provide direct care to children must obtain certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation within the first 90 days of employment. The hours obtained completing this certification will not count toward required annual training hours. Staff employed on or prior to September 30, 2016 must satisfactorily complete certification by December 29, 2016. Staff members employed after September 30, 2016 must satisfactorily complete certification within 90 days from date of hire.

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS or CPR, we have you covered.

Pacific Medical Training course acceptance chart.

Life saving stories

Here's a few stories that warmed our heart. Just sharing and thanking you for choosing a career that helps people that need it most.

Man's life saved through bystander cpr advocates importance of quick action

David Mills and his wife visited Vista Fire Department Station 1 to express gratitude to their life-saving heroes and stress the vital role of bystander CPR. David's life hung in the balance during a heart attack on April 8, when Georgia Mills dialed 9-1-1. Guided by North County dispatcher Aidali Arias, she and her grandson, Jacob Blackstone, administered hands-only bystander CPR. In mere minutes, Vista Firefighter Paramedics Marouf Suleiman and Wesley Najarro arrived, continuing CPR for over 35 minutes until transferring Mills to Tri-City Hospital. There, Dr. Andy Fischer and the medical team successfully revived his heart. They all emphasized the profound impact of bystander CPR, underscoring the simplicity of calling 9-1-1 and performing chest compressions in rhythm with the Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive" to enhance the odds of survival during sudden cardiac arrest.

Full Story / July 13, 2023

Georgia deputy and bystanders join forces to save man's life at local YMCA

A recent incident at a local YMCA in Georgia witnessed the heroic actions of Deputy Christian Spinkx and a group of quick-thinking bystanders. In response to a 911 call, Deputy Spinkx rushed upstairs at the YMCA, where he discovered an unconscious man in cardiac arrest. A crowd had already gathered, and one woman was administering CPR while the man was connected to an AED. Deputy Spinkx immediately offered his assistance and took over the CPR efforts. After several tense minutes, the man was successfully resuscitated, thanks to the combined efforts of the deputy and the diligent bystanders. Spinkx commended the invaluable role played by those present in the gym during the critical moment.

Full Story / January 13, 2023

Georgia police officer performs heroic cpr to save runner in cardiac arrest

In Georgia, a heroic police officer in Powder Springs breathed life back into a runner who suffered cardiac arrest during a jog along the Silver Comet Trail on October 29. The officer responded to the distress call and found the runner unconscious, pulseless, and not breathing. Quick-thinking fellow runners dialed 911 and initiated CPR. The dedicated officer continued resuscitation efforts for over 10 minutes until paramedics arrived to provide further medical attention. The runner's life was saved through this collective effort and the officer's unwavering commitment to the rescue mission.

Full Story / November 6, 2022

A 4-month-old baby was saved by CPR

Robert Oden was patrolling the area when he saw a vehicle driving down the street with its horn frantically blowing and hazards on. He followed the car, the car stopped at a fire station and a woman ran out with her baby who was not responding. Oden notified the radio dispatch and started performing CPR on the baby. He gave chest compressions and rescue breaths until emergency workers arrived and took over. By that time Oden was able to regain his pulse and the infant was moving his legs. Later he was taken to the hospital.

Full Story / May 14, 2022

A police sergeant saved a 6-month-old baby

The parents of 6-months-old AJ Sherrod were taking him to the hospital when he stopped breathing as he was suffering from a respiratory infection. So they instantly called 911. A police sergeant, Harold Drummond jumped into action and started providing two-finger infant CPR to AJ. The timely provision of CPR saved the baby.

Full Story / February 8, 2022

Wollongong teenager performs life-saving CPR thanks to first-aid training

Paul Gaffney, a 43-year-old father and a football player of Gerringong Lions, Wollongong Australia saved by a teenager after he went into cardiac arrest. Nathaniel West who’s a 17-year-old volunteer at the Wollongong Police Citizens Youth Club was on a lunch break when he heard that a man had collapsed on the football field. He grabbed a defibrillator from the PCYC and ran to the field, where he saw a member of the public performing CPR on Mr. Gaffney. Nathaniel checked for Mr. Gaffney's pulse and, when he couldn't find it, he cut off Mr. Gaffney's shirt and applied the defibrillator pads to his chest until Mr. Gaffney regained consciousness.

Full Story / June 11, 2021