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Our ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses satisfy CE requirements for physicians, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists

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Louisville FAQs

What do I do with my old ACLS certification?

You can save or discard an old ACLS certification. Once they expire they are no longer accepted by medical employers. Louisville ACLS certificates expire every 2 years.

I’m having trouble downloading the PDF for my Louisville PALS eCard.

If you’re having problems with downloading your eCard or unable to access the PDF please call or email our customer service department. We can email you a PDF of the PALS eCard.

Do you require a skills check for the Louisville BLS certification?

No, we don’t require a skills check for the BLS, PALS or ACLS. You can take the online exam and receive your certification without taking a skills check.

Where can I find in person training

KENTUCKY CPR / Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville) LOUISVILLE, KY 40202

Kentuckiana CPR (Louisville) / 2850 Crittenden Dr Louisville, KY 40209

Louisville Metro EMS / 900 East Broadway Louisville, KY 40204

Critical care providers should know

The 2017 Health Assessment report for Louisville Kentucky highlighted the current health overview of the community. Currently, the leading causes of death for Louisville in order of frequency are heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, chronic lower respiratory disease, unintentional injury, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and septicemia.

Health risk factors indicated some troubling numbers. Asthma increased from 13.6% to 19.4% in adults since the previous health assessment in 2004. The percentage of adults who regularly participate in physical activities dropped from 79% in 2004 to 76%. The percentage of adults who smoke is 22.3% lately (Adult smoking 2017). The percentage of adults who are obese or overweight increased from 60% to 63%. The percentage of residents who visited a dentist in the past year decreased from 72.4% to 69.3%. Newly diagnosed AIDS cases dipped slightly from 12.3 per 100,000 in 2004 but has risen slightly over the past three years to 15.7 per 100,000.

The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness provides free classes to the public to improve healthy living. These classes cover a wide range of topics from physical activity, proper nutrition, diabetes, fun and fit workshops, stop smoking campaigns, and cancer screenings. For more information.

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Major hospitals in Louisville

Hospital name Address Map
Norton Brownsboro Hospital 4960 Norton Healthcare Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40241 Click to view full-size
Baptist Hospital East 4000 Kresge Way, Louisville, KY 40207 Click to view full-size
Jewish Hospital 3920 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40207 Click to view full-size
Kindred Hospital Louisville 1313 Saint Anthony Pl, Louisville, KY 40204 Click to view full-size

About Louisville

In 1780, Louisville was officially incorporated into the state of Kentucky. It was the county seat of Jefferson County until a merger in 2003 officially made Jefferson County and Louisville one city. Now, it is one of the largest cities in the country.

The climate in this city is quite unusual because it ranges from extreme cold to extreme heat, with threat of tornadoes a constant worry to locals.

Horse racing is what this city is known for. It is home to one of the biggest opening races in the sport, which draws in droves of travelers from all over the country each year. There is also a very rich cultural and artistic atmosphere thriving here as well.

The Highlands is the premier destination for travelers, but it is really just a particular section of the city. It features streets lined with restaurants, stores, and small venues for live music. It is a laid back, friendly atmosphere where locals as well as travelers can relax, dine out, and shop at smaller shops and boutiques.

There are a lot of smaller festivals and themed celebrations that occur in the city at different times throughout the year, but they are typically aimed at amusing the local residents than drawing in a lot of visitors. Those who happen to be travelling to the area while they are occurring do enjoy them as well.

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PMT Louisville news

July 2nd, 2016 — CPR to be required in KY’s public high schools

If you go into cardiac arrest, the person who saves you just might be a Kentucky high school student. The Kentucky General Assembly passed a bill earlier this year to require all public high school students to receive basic CPR training. Public high school students in Kentucky are to be taught CPR in a health or physical education course required for graduation or in a Junior Reserve Officers Training course that meets the PE requirement.

Full Story / July 2nd, 2016