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Our ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses satisfy CE requirements for physicians, pharmacists and dentists

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Milwaukee FAQs

Can I study for the MIL ACLS offline?

Yes, you can download our Milwaukee ACLS study guide in a PDF. You can print the PDF and study offline which is convenient if you’ll be without Internet access or traveling.

Do you offer discounts for Milwaukee groups in need of PALS?

We are always willing to create discounts for medical groups. Although we don’t have a specific group Milwaukee PALS discount on our website, if you contact our customer service we can arrange a group rate with you over the phone.

Can I pay for my Milwaukee BLS course via PayPal?

We currently only accept credit card payments online or checks by mail. Please contact our customer service department for more information.

Critical care providers should know

Medical providers new to Milwaukee or who have not visited the City of Milwaukee website will find a wealth of information about programs, education, resources and even a City Channel with live streaming information. The Milwaukee Health Department defines a health person as someone who is able to enjoy life without worry, has mental, physical and emotional wellness, exercises and eats healthy.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department has nearly 300 employees and the organization focuses on education, disease control and prevention, vaccination and good hygiene as the cornerstone to good health. Over $28,000,000 was invested in the city’s various health department and programs in 2009 ($15,000,000 came from taxes).

The Milwaukee Community Assessment (MCA) of 2008 was the most extensive initiative undertaken by the city. The city discovered that a number of people uninsured was growing (currently 13%) and has made it a priority to provide better access to health care. Milwaukee also would like to improve underage drinking where they rank 4th in the country. There was a high rate of obesity and lack of access to healthy food as well as an overall negative trend in healthy eating compared to 2003.

Major hospitals in Milwaukee

Hospital name Address Map
Froedtert Hospital 9200 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53226 Click to view full-size
Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center 2900 West Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53215 Click to view full-size
Aurora Sinai Medical Center 945 North 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233 Click to view full-size
Rogers Memorial Hospital 11101 West Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53227 Click to view full-size
Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital 2301 North Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211 Click to view full-size

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee originally became a city in 1846 and remains the largest city in the state of Wisconsin to this day. As part of a larger urban center that spans through neighboring states, it is a heavily populated city that sits on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan in northern United States.

One thing that this city is very proud of is the wide variety of ethnic people who have made Milwaukee their home. This is represented by various ethnic enclaves throughout the city, where locals and visitors alike enjoy strolling through shops filled with food and products special to each ethnic identity.

While some people go to large cities to shop at luxurious boutiques and upscale boulevards, others enjoy shopping the dusty streets of urban centers to purchase rare finds such as what is available in these ethnic enclaves in Milwaukee.

One of the most popular places for shopping is the Old World Third Street. This area was is a unique blend of shops and eating joints that reflect both the older traditions of the city and the modern influences of all cultures.

The city is probably most well known for the Milwaukee Brewers professional baseball team. They play at the innovative Miller Park ballpark, where the building is actually designed to open and close the roof according to weather patterns.

There are also a variety of art galleries and museums situated around the city for visitors to enjoy.

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