Accredited, online ACLS training in Missouri

Accepted across North America and Canada, done in 3 hours. Up to 8 AMA CME/CE credits each.

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State acceptance in Missouri

Physicians: We are accepted by the MO Board of Medicine because we are accredited by AMA (category 1)

Rules Chapter 2 20 CSR 2150-2.125 Continuing medical education (1) Effective February 1, 2007, each licensee shall complete and report at least fifty (50) hours of continuing medical education every two (2) years. The board shall not issue a renewal of a licensee’s certificate of registration unless the licensee demonstrates completion of fifty (50) hours of continuing medical education accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) as category 1-A or 2-A, by the American Medical Association (AMA) as category 1

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Nurses: We are accepted by the MO Board of Nursing because we are ANCC accredited

Education Q. Does Missouri require continuing education for nurses? A. Missouri statutes do not require continuing education as a condition of either original or renewal licensure. You may wish to keep your own records on continuing education or ask your employer to keep records for you.

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Dentists: We are accepted by the MO Board of Dentistry because we are accredited by ADA CERP

20 CSR 2110-2.240 continuing dental education (C) Board-approved sponsors are—

  1. American Dental Association (ADA) and its constituent and component societies; (2) In order to renew a license, each dentist shall submit satisfactory evidence of completion of fifty (50) hours of continuing education during the two (2)-year period

20 CSR 2110-2.010 licensure by examination—dentists (E) Hold current certification in the American Heart Association’s basic life suupport for the healthcare provider (BLS) or an equivalent certification approved by the Missouri Dental Board. Board-approved courses shall meet the American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) and provide written and manikin testing on the course material by an instructor who is physically present with the students. Online-only courses will not be accepted to satisfy the BLS requirement.

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Pharmacists: We are accepted by the MO Board of Pharmacy because we are ACPE accredited

Chapter 7 Licensing 20 CSR 2220-7.080 Pharmacist license renewal and continuing pharmacy education (2) Required hours. As a condition of renewal, all active Missouri pharmacist licensees shall complete thirty (30) hours of continuing education during the two (2) year continuing education reporting period preceding renewal of the license (3) Continuing education course approval. (A) Except as otherwise provided herein, continuing education shall only be granted for a post-graduate course that is related to the practice of pharmacy and that is—

  1. Approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical E

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EMS workers: Our courses count in MO as acceptable CME

EMS relicensing checklist Core requirements for EMT-paramedic Section I B. Current CPR certification (regardless of teaching agency all CPR training must adhere to AHA or American Red Cross or National Safety Council Standards).

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Tattoo artists: Our bloodborne pathogen course is acceptable in MO

20 CSR 2267-2.010 licenses pleted the following: (A) A bloodborne pathogen training program (or equivalent) which includes infectious disease control; waste disposal; handwashing techniques; sterilization equipment operation and methods; and sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization methods and techniques (Example: “preventing disease transmission” (American Red Cross) and “bloodborne pathogen training” (U.S. OSHA)); and (B) First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);

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(T) The licensee shall have documentation on file at the facility of current certification in age-appropriate first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for a sufficient number of child care staff to ensure that there is one (1) caregiver at the facility for every twenty (20) children in the licensed capacity. At least one (1) caregiver with cur_x0002_rent certification in age-appropriate first aid and CPR must be on site at all times when children are present. The training shall be certified by a nationally-recognized organization, such as the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or an equivalent certification, include an in-person skills assessment, and be approved by the department. The following national models are accepted for first aid/CPR: American Academy of Pediatrics PedFACTs American Red Cross American Heart Association American Safety and Health Institute American Trauma Event Management (ATEM) Emergency Care and Safety Institute EMS Safety National Safety Council ProTrainings first aid/CPR training must be conducted fully in-person or as a blended training that includes online learning with an in-person skills assessment. Any trainer who has the proper credentialing to provide first aid/CPR training from one of the listed models may conduct training that satisfies the CPR/first aid certification requirement. The provider must receive certification from the approved model. Online only first aid/CPR is not allowed.

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS or CPR, we have you covered.

Pacific Medical Training course acceptance chart.

Life saving stories

Here's a few stories that warmed our heart. Just sharing and thanking you for choosing a career that helps people that need it most.

Missouri nurses dubbed 'fantastic four' rescue man in Austrian cave crisis

Dubbed as "The Fantastic Four," a group of nurses from Missouri sprang into action overseas when a man faced a dire medical emergency inside a cave. The quartet, accustomed to tending to patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, found themselves in Austria on vacation when the incident unfolded. Nurse Meg Green recounted their swift response, describing how their instincts kicked in as they rushed to aid the collapsed man in a remote ice cave atop a mountain. Despite the challenges of the location and language barriers, the nurses coordinated CPR efforts until a tour guide fetched an AED, ultimately saving the man's life. Reflecting on the experience, they emphasized the serendipitous alignment of events that placed them in the right place at the right time to offer crucial assistance.

Full Story / November 17, 2023

Throat cancer survivor battles heart disease, inspires youth to quit smoking

Don Young, a throat cancer survivor, faced another life-threatening challenge when he suffered a heart problem. He passed out in the middle of the night, leading to a diagnosis of coronary artery disease. He underwent a catheterization procedure to insert a stent into his clogged heart artery. Don, who uses an electrolarynx to speak, was shocked by the sudden onset of heart issues and feared for his life. His heart problems, which began in 2005, were attributed to his past smoking habits. Don and his wife, Kay, formed a nonprofit called Young Choices, Inc., to educate young people about the dangers of smoking and nicotine addiction, and their efforts have had a positive impact. Don now maintains his health through a heart-healthy diet, medication, and regular check-ups with his cardiologist while staying active in the St. Louis Senior Olympics. The couple credits their Christian faith for helping them endure their 30-year journey of health challenges.

Full Story / March 29, 2023

Gladstone couple's second chance sparks call to CPR training

A Gladstone couple's gratitude knows no bounds as they mark their 28th wedding anniversary following a harrowing cardiac arrest experience. Jennifer and Tom Schueddig were enjoying their morning routine when Jennifer suddenly collapsed, her life hanging in the balance. Thanks to Tom's swift CPR intervention and the timely response of Gladstone Fire and EMS, Jennifer survived against the odds. Now, the couple urges others to prioritize CPR training, emphasizing its critical role in saving lives. Multiple training options are available, including courses offered by North Kansas City Hospital, Meritas Health, the American Red Cross, and the American Heart Association, as well as local fire departments.

Full Story / March 22, 2023

Cardiac arrest incidents spark community initiative to save lives

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin's recent cardiac arrest incident on Monday sent shockwaves nationwide, rekindling painful memories for some. Last summer, 17-year-old Davis Dwight suffered a similar fate during baseball practice, requiring 13 minutes of CPR, an AED, paramedics, and intubation to save him. Nick Croutz, Director of Baseball Operations at Mac N Seitz, felt a haunting déjà vu watching Hamlin's collapse, emphasizing the suddenness of such events. This prompted Ashley Dwight and her family to launch 13 Beats, an initiative to educate people about CPR and AED use. They've already trained 300 individuals and seek to ensure organizations are equipped to handle cardiac arrest cases by providing AEDs. These devices cost around $1,300, and the Dwights are working to secure funding for free distribution.

Full Story / January 4, 2023