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Heart, health related news in city.

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How many chapters are there in the Nashville ACLS course?

There are currently seven essential chapters that a person attempting an ACLS certification or recertification must demonstrate knowledge and mastery.

When is the next Nashville PALS course?

We are an online service so you may begin the Nashville PALS as soon as your order is complete and you have received our email with course instructions. You may take the course from the convenience of your home from any computer with Internet access at any time of day.

Do you require a skills check on the BLS?

We do not require a skills check on the Nashville BLS, PALS or ACLS. At Pacific Medical Training you can take the exam online and receive your certification card without a skills check.

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS, we have you covered.

First Call Ambulance Service of Tennessee / 120 Stones River Road Lavergne (Nashville), TN 30786

NashvilleCPR / 821 Fesslers Parkway Nashville, TN 37210

LifeGuard Medical Solutions / 821 Fesslers Pkwy Nashville, TN 37210-2902

Critical Care Providers Should Know

Thanks to the Healthy People 2010 Act Nashville residents are enjoying better health. Since 2003 the rate of cancer deaths has dropped in Davidson County by 6% to 198.2 per 100,000 persons. The following cancer types all showed statistical improvements from 2003: lung, breast, uterine, colorectal, oropharyngeal, prostate and melanoma. The biggest improvements were in prostate (67% improvement) and breast cancer (34%).

Unfortunately some chronic diseases did not improve. End-stage renal disease (ESRD) had a 73% increase since 2003. The diabetes death rate increased 30%. Heart disease increased slightly at 3.6% but hospitalizations due to heart disease decreased for all individuals over 65. Also decreasing were deaths due to stroke, 3.1%. Infant deaths remain low and decreased overall.

The percentage of Nashville adults who are at a healthy weight is only 39.5 and actually decreased slightly from 40.9% in 2003. The percentage of adults who are obese increased to 26.3% from 19.1%. In 2009 13.1% of Nashville residents reported not having health insurance which was below the national average.

The mission of the Metro Public Health Department is to protect and improve the well-being and health of all people in Metropolitan Nashville. NashVitality is an excellent program to encourage physical activity, awareness and understanding of health related issues and risks to families and communities.

Major Hospitals in Nashville

Hospital Name



Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1211 Medical Center Drive, Nashville, TN 37212

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St. Thomas Hospital

4220 Memphis-Bristol Highway, Nashville, TN 37205

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Baptist Hospital

2000 Church Street Alley, Nashville, TN 37203

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Nashville General Hospital

1818 Albion Street, Nashville, TN 37208

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About Nashville

In 1779, Nashville was originally founded, though it did not officially become a part of the state of Tennessee until 1806. Today, it has joined with the surrounding Davidson-county to form one thriving governed city. With warm summers and cooler winter periods, this is a great climate for visitors who don’t want to deal with scorching heat or extreme cold.

Nashville is most famous as the home of country music. This is where tourists from all over flock to hear some of the greatest country music singers belt it out at the infamous Grand Ole Opry House. These tourists enjoy a multitude of tourist attractions related to the many country music singers who were discovered and launched from the city, such as the Nashville Music Hall of Fame and its accompanying museum.

The city is also rich with historical remembrance with features such as the General Jackson Showboat, which transports visitors for leisurely cruises along the Cumberland River in reminisce of the original riverboats which used to paddle across those same waters.

The plantations of Nashville-Davidson also get considerable amounts of visitors each year. They allow for sad reminiscing of darker days of the country when slavery was a part of the southern way of life.

Whether it’s remembering the old country greats or revisiting Southern American history, there is a lot to make you think in the current atmosphere of Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee.

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