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Heart, health related news in city.

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New York City FAQs

Do you offer rush delivery on New York City ACLS cards?

Yes, we have an express shipping option which you can select upon checkout. However, as soon as you successfully pass the NYC ACLS certification test you will be able to download a PDF of your card and print it right away. This is a free feature standard in every order.

How quickly can I earn a NYC PALS card?

Each course includes an instant provider card you can download as soon as you pass the exam, so you can earn your card with our NYC PALS certification or recertification course seven days a week, day or night.

Do you offer New York BLS certification or recertification?

Yes, we now offer online NYC BLS cert and recert courses for medical providers in New York and throughout the United States.

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS, we have you covered.

First Response Advantage, Inc. / 1133 Broadway Ste 619 New York, NY 10010-8085

CPR123 Manhattan / 274 Madison Ave, Suite 701 New York, NY 10016

Training for Life Inc, Manhattan / 139 Fulton St. Suite 316 New York, NY 10038

Critical Care Providers Should Know

According to the 2010 New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene report on vital statistics New York residents are living longer. There has been a 3.5% increase in life expectancy since 2000. In 2009 life expectancy for a New York City resident was 80.6 years.

Death rates are also decreasing. New York City death rates were 7.5 out of 1,000 in 2001, 6.5 in 2009 and 6.4 in 2010. The top three leading causes of death in New York City are heart disease, cancer and influenza/pneumonia. In 2010 death rates for accidents were 3.4 in 100,000 and from falls 4.5% in 100,000. Total deaths from alcohol were 1,629 (a 4.1% decrease from the year before). Medical providers in NYC required to carry PALS should be pleased to learn that infant mortality rates continue to decline. In 2010 they were 4.9 per 1,000.

Since 9/11 New York has made great efforts to prepare residents for emergency situations. For further information on handling extreme emergencies please read Ready New York: Emergency Preparedness Guide.

Major Hospitals in New York City

Hospital Name



Bellevue Hospital Center

462 1st Ave New York, NY 10016

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Lenox Hill Hospital

100 East 77th Street  New York, NY 10075

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Montefiore Medical Center

969 Park Ave New York, NY 10028

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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Ave New York NY 10065

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New York Downtown Hospital

170 William Street New York, NY 10038

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About New York City

Originally founded in 1624, New York City is one of the most powerful and well known cities in the U.S. It is notorious for its big city urban environment with the largest subway system in the country and streets lined with cab drivers. It has had great influence in the world of fashion as well as worldwide commerce. If there is a state that is the heart of it all, this is definitely it.

Local residents who call the city of New York home range from aspiring actors and actresses and high class socialites to city slum dwellers in the city’s five boroughs. In fact, this city is so diverse that different areas represent both the most luxurious, high class areas in the nation and some of the worst neighborhoods in the nation.

By far the biggest attraction in the city is the Statue of Liberty. Not only do Americans consider it something that must be seen at least once in a lifetime, but it is visited every year by travelers from all over the world as well.

Other attractions center on the arts and entertainment industry with Broadway shows drawing in millions of visitors from all over the world. Visitors also enjoy visiting Times Square, the Bronx Zoo, and watching free live shows in the famous Central Park.

Shopping trips are also popular in New York, NY. Some of the most famous boutiques are located on the famous Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Shopping trips also usually include destinations such as Brighton Beach and Jackson Heights.

Accommodations in New York range from the largest upscale luxury hotels and resorts to small motels and rental apartments. Even the smallest apartment in the city is extremely expensive to live in, which makes rentals higher priced as well.

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