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PMT's Best of Medical Nonprofit Sites

Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our "Best of Medical Nonprofit Sites" award. We fully appreciate your efforts and understand the time and commitment it takes to maintain a website and continue to provide current content easily accessible to the sites viewers.


  1. Access-Ability is an organization committed to getting the right medical equipment to patients that need it the most, but may not have the means to purchase it themselves. Some may have found that their insurance does not provide the coverage they need for the equipment. Access-Ability is able to provide their services because of the monetary donations, equipment donations, and volunteers from the community.
    Access Ability
  2. — IHI, founded in 1991 works diligently to find ways to improve healthcare for everyone. The organization wants everyone to have the best healthcare possible. IHI believes that patients and their families should be the focus of the healthcare team caring for the patient. IHI strives to provide health care providers with the resources to achieve the highest level of individualized care, providing hospitals and staff with a way to make changes that benefit everyone. Under the “resources” tab, hospitals, clinics, and physicians can access multiple links, one of which is the link to IHI’s “model for improvement”. This is the stepping stone to help those interested in implementing patient-centered goals for themselves and their workplace.
    Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  3. — Mercy Ships is an organization that brings medical care and surgeries to those that do not have access to the care they desperately need. Mercy Ships currently has only one ship, The Africa Mercy. This year it is sailing to Madagascar and Benin. Those on board are volunteers and every year Mercy Ships needs their help to bring comfort and hope to patients. On the site, there are touching stories about the patient’s Mercy Ships has helped and stories told by volunteers on the ship.
    Mercy Ships
  4. — CURE serves children with disabilities in places around the world where they may not have received care without CURE. CURE’s goal is to help their patients physically, mentally, and spiritually. The team at CURE wants the child’s healing process to be as successful as possible. For them, this includes making them smile. Under the “CUREkid” tab, visitors can find live updates on patients that are on their way to recovery or treatment.
  5. The Central Texas Medical Orchestra helps raise funds for non-profit health-related organizations. Together with the non-profit organization, beautiful music can be shared and funds desperately needed to keep wonderful organizations open can be raised. It is a wonderful event that can be enjoyed by all. On the site, visitors will learn that some of the musicians that make up the orchestra are actually physicians. This is truly an example of how giving back can touch so many lives. The Central Texas Medical Orchestra allows physicians and musicians to give back by sharing something they love and giving hope to those that rely on non-profit organizations to receive the care they need.
    International Crisis Aid
  6. — International Community Health Services provides medical and dental care to families. The organization does accept insurance plans, but also offers a service to help uninsured future patients find a low-cost plan that best fits their financial situation. ICHS also offers what they call a sliding- scale discount program that helps uninsured future patients get the care they need at a discount. ICHS’s goal is to include the entire community and to ensure that everyone gets the medical care they deserve. The organization is based in Washington state and has been recognized for the services they provide for the Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian communities. ICHS’s International District clinic offers Chinese traditional medicine, further proving that they strive to be diverse and inclusive.
    International Community Health Service
  7. — The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation has a simple but lofty goal: To create a world without heart disease. They seek to achieve this goal through scientific innovation and clinical research. This is a well-established foundation that began in 1982 by a group of cardiologists. The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation is financially supported by physicians and members of the community through charitable donations. On their website you can find the latest heart research, educational materials, events and much more! Check it out.
    Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
  8. — Statistically, African American men experience a significantly higher percentage of health-related issues compared to other demographics. For instance, 40% of African American men die prematurely from cardiovascular disease compared to 21% of caucasian men. The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program exists to increase public awareness of this issue and provide basic services to those in need. Their primary objectives include cardiovascular disease screening, educating and referrals. Their website makes it easy to get involved and provides great information on diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and more. Congratulations for making our “best-of” list!
    The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program
  9. Let’s Face it Together is a great organization that seeks to help people with diseases of the eyes, brain, and face. They achieve this by helping people navigate the healthcare system and by providing educational resources. They also offer financial assistants to those who demonstrate financial need. Their website is full of resources and has a nice clean design. Great job for making our top-ten list!
    Let’s Face it Together
  10. — Project Cure is a phenomenal organization that takes medical supply donations and ships them to places in need all over the world. Established in 1987, Project Cure is truly making a difference in providing medical supplies and building sustainable healthcare infrastructure in at-risk communities around the globe. Project Cure has a clear focus and mission and has been uncompromising in pursuing their goals. For this, we applaud them and highly recommend that you not only visit their fantastic website but get involved yourself!
    Project Cure

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