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PALS certification course: Take this course if you've never been certified.

PALS certification course: If you've been certified in the past.

Choose from two pediatric advanced life support courses: for those who've never been certified before, our PALS certification course covers core concepts and techniques in more detail, while take PALS recertification test for PALS recert online which is a shorter course since it assumes previous experience.

Get instant proof as soon as you pass your PALS exam

We know that time is of the essence for many of our customers, and that you may need to pass a course and provide proof of certification outside normal business hours. For this reason we now include a free instant provider eCard with each course. You'll be able to download your instant provider eCard as soon as you successfully pass the exam or PALS recertification test(for PALS recert online). You can then print it out for immediate proof of certification until your hard copy provider certificate arrives in the mail. The hard-copy certificate is shipped only if requested.

Our instant provider eCards are in Adobe PDF format so you can view and print them using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program from

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Updated to the latest science guidelines

All of our courses are written by AHA-trained medical professionals and based on current guidelines as documented in the American Heart Association provider manuals.

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We also offer initial cert and recert courses for advanced cardiac life support and basic life support. If you need multiple certifications you can automatically save up to 15% off your order! You will receive 10% off when you order 2 courses and 15% off when you order 3. Discounts are automatically applied in our convenient, secure shopping cart system when you select more than 1 course.

No hidden charges or extra purchases required

When you purchase a course from Pacific Medical Training you will receive everything you need to successfully pass it and earn your eCard/certificate(if requested). We do not charge extra for training material or regular hard copy certificate shipping (in the United States) like many other emergency education providers. In addition, all requested hard copy provider certificates are mailed only if requested. We don't call that "rush review" and charge extra for it like some other providers.

Earn your nationally accepted PALS eCard/certificate

Our courses educational material are completely web-based. Once you pass the course you will be able to download an instant provider eCard in Adobe PDF format for immediate proof of coverage. If requested, hard copy provider certificates are sent by mail within 1 business day after you pass the exam.

Pacific Medical Training courses are accepted throughout the country in all 50 states. They have also been successfully used by medical professionals throughout the world to earn their PALS certification or PALS recert online after the PALS recertification test.

The American Heart Association name is owned by American Heart Association, Inc. Pacific Medical Training has no affiliation with American Heart Association.