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PMT's Best of Pediatric Sites

Congratulations to the winners! After reviewing hundreds of websites, Pacific Medical Training is happy to award these sites with our “Best of Pediatrics/Kids Sites” Award. With recent studies indicating that 1 in 3 children in the US is overweight, it is great to have fantastic websites like these as resources for parents, teachers and kids to learn healthy habits from.


  1. — According to a representative for, the site “launched in December 2009. Our Spanish version, en Español, launched in May 2012… The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is also the world’s largest publisher of pediatric content… With the goal of improved health literacy, delivers over 5,000 articles of authoritative and trustworthy content in English and Spanish, along with interactive tools, and customized content for registered users… Every single article on has been reviewed and approved by subject matter expert committees and sections of the AAP before it is even considered for the site. Our staff updates these articles daily to ensure all of them are consistent with Academy policy and statements… is the ONLY website backed by 64,000 of our nations pediatricians.”

    Healthy Children

  2. — Site visitors can find information on a range of topics from vaccination to teething to diet and more under their “Health Info” section. Centre Pediatric Associates, PC has been around for over 30 years.

    Centre Pediatric Associates, PC

  3. — The International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke is a great resource for medical workers looking for recent studies and for parents seeking information that is written by authoritative sources and makes learning about stroke and stroke treatment easy. Their publications (under the resources tab) do a great job of explaining the terms and come with visuals that aid in learning.

  4. — The Texas Pediatric Dentistry site has been online since 2013. Under the Dental Topics tab, information ranging from the first dental visit and overcoming dental anxiety to cavities and decay can be found.


  5. — Global Pediatric Alliance is a good site for medical workers looking for opportunities to work abroad in areas ranging from perinatal care to pediatric care. They currently “provide financial support to small organizations and community groups in marginalized areas, using approaches known to have a significant impact on maternal and child mortality, including clean water and latrine projects.” Current areas of service include Guatemala, Mexico and Ecuador.


  6. — According to a representative for North Shore Pediatric Therapy, “We have had a website since opening our practice in 1999. We started offering blogs, e-Books, downloads and other free offers for parents and professionals in 2009. Our goal is and has always been to be the thought leaders in pediatric therapy. We believe that by providing all the expert knowledge on our site we are able to help those not just in our state but all over the world, which is evidenced in our site traffic (currently over 2 mil/year), in-person visits from nationally recognized companies to learn more about how we run as a company, and large social media presence. We hope to provide even more avenues of white papers, webinars and content for people.”


  7. — According to Cheryl Greene, co-founder and executive producer, “We launched in 1995. The American Medical Association has cited us as the pioneer physician site on the web.” The content under their “Ages and Stages” tab is informative as are their blog, recipes, and articles.

    Dr Greene

  8. — Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units focuses on providing education and information on reproductive and pediatric health. Like us, they also offer coursework and educational materials completely online. They focus on environmental hazards and present the information in several formats including fact sheets, webinars and online courses, reports and journals, and presentations.


  9. — Site founder, Sue Kressly stated “I started my first website when I opened the practice in 2004. My goal was to take the top reasons people call their pediatrician and give them access to that information 24/7 so they didn’t have to wait on hold and I could be more efficient in my office… In the next 5 years, I expect that the delivery of information via the website will mirror what our young parents wants/needs…” In addition to this great model for increasing the flow of information between parents and doctors, the site also contains several informative articles on their patient education page.


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