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Our ACLS, BLS, and PALS courses satisfy CE requirements for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and Pharmacists

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Sacramento FAQs

How fast will I receive my Sacramento ACLS?

As soon as you pass the Sacramento ACLS you will receive a PDF downloadable ACLS card which you can print instantly. The next business day we will ship a hard copy card which should arrive 3-5 business days later. Express and international shipping options are also available for your hard copy card.

Will I receive a Sacramento PALS AHA card?

The certification you’ll receive is a Pacific Medical Training PALS card which is based on AHA guidelines and written by AHA trained professionals.

What are the core components of the Sacramento BLS?

The BLS helps medical providers accurately assess and provide basic life support treatment to individuals in medical need. The course focuses on resuscitation, CPR, airways, defibrillation and more.

In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS, we have you covered.

CPR Saves Lives / 5151 F street Sacramento, CA 95819

California State University, Sacramento / 3000 State University Drive Sacramento, CA 95819-6103

Heart Beat / 707 Commons Dr Ste 101 Sacramento, CA 95825-6664

Critical Care Providers Should Know

One of the largest hospitals in Sacramento is Sutter Medical Center. Sutter Medical Center operates Sutter General Hospital, Sutter Memorial Hospital, and Sutter Center for Psychiatry. In 2011 Sutter Medical Center was named one of the nation’s top performers in the medical/clinical field. The recognition was given by The Joint commission the most respected accredited of medical care facilities in the United States.

Mercy General Hospital is located in downtown Sacramento and was founded by Sisters of Mercy way back in the early 1800’s. The values that Mercy General Hospital promotes through both services and staff are the same today as they were 200 years ago. Deliver compassionate, quality health care. Serve those in poor and in need of assistance. Collaborate with people and organizations that spread and foster health. Respect the individual. Provide excellence through teamwork.

UC Davis Health Systems operates the UC Davis Medical Center, UC Davis School of Medicine, and the Betty Irene School of Nursing. With a diverse staff of over 10,000 and expertise in a broad array of medical topics UC Davis Health systems is a global leader in health excellence and knowledge. They are also a major economic producer in Sacramento, contributing more than 3.4 billion in economic output.

Major Hospitals in Sacramento

Hospital Name



Sutter Medical Center

2800 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95816

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Mercy General Hospital

4001 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

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Sutter Memorial Hospital

5151 F Street, Sacramento, CA 95819

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University of California Davis Medical Center

4860 Y Street Sacramento, CA 95817

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Kaiser Permanente Medical Center

2025 Morse Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825

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About Sacramento

Sacramento was officially declared a state in the early 1800s. It remains the capital city of California today and had great historical significance in American history. This city was a focal point during the gold rush and was primary in the Pony Express and other telegraph networks that originally started the process of transporting messages around the country. Today, the city is still one of the more frequently visited areas of the country.

Located more toward the northern center of the state, this is more of an urban city environment than the beach atmosphere that is found near the coast. The temperatures also happen to be a lot cooler than in most of the beach cities people typically come to the state to see.

While going to the beach is the usual amusement for travelers who visit California, that is not a possibility in this larger metropolitan city. Instead, the amusements are more urban with a variety of museums centered on the capital of the state and other cultural events. Many visitors even enjoy the state fair and other local festivities that happen during particular times of year.

There are also some attractions that draw in families and larger groups of tourists, such as Waterworld USA and Fairytale Town. Both offer a lot of amusement park rides, food, and exhibits that entertain children as well as adults.

Yet, there are some visitors that goes to Sacramento specifically for the luxury spas. These spas completely indulge and rejuvenate their guests so they go back to their daily life refreshed.

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