Accredited, online ACLS training in Wyoming

Accepted across North America and Canada, done in 3 hours. Up to 8 AMA CME/CE credits each.

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State acceptance in Wyoming

Physicians: We are accepted by the WY Board of Medicine because we are accredited by AMA (category 1)

Board of Medicine rules - All chapters - Effective 9-10-2015 - Web page.pdf Chapter 3 section 7 To renew, reinstate or reactivate a license to practice medicine in Wyoming a physician shall verify satisfactory completion of not less than sixty (60) hours of continuing medical education (CME) earned in any combination of the following during the previous three (3) years: (i) AMA-approved category I or II continuing medical education;

Dentists: We are accepted by the WY Board of Dentistry because we are accredited by ADA CERP

Select: Chapter 3 - Requirements for licensure and renewal Section 12. Dental and dental hygiene relicensure. (ii) Verify current certification in CPR; (ii) Submitting evidence of completion of ten (10) hours of hands- on clinical continuing education for each year not actively practicing.

Pharmacists: We are accepted by the WY Board of Pharmacy because we are ACPE accredited

Section 4. Continuing pharmaceutical education requirement. In accordance with W.S. § 33-24-121, all pharmacists must complete and report 12 contact hours (1.2 CEU’s) of approved continuing education obtained during the previous license period in order to renew their license to practice pharmacy. Section 9. Approved programs. a. Any program presented by an ACPE approved provider subject to the following conditions. i. Pharmacists may receive credit for the completion of the same course only once during a license period. ii. Proof of participation shall be a copy of the certificate issued by an approved ACPE provider, which includes name of participant, ACPE program identification number, name of program, contact hours approved, signature and date signed by ACPE approved provider. c. Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses which lead to CPR certification or recertification by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association shall be recognized as approved programs. Pharmacists may receive credit for one contact hour (0.1 CEU) towards their continuing education requirement for completion of a CPR course only once during each license period. Proof of completion of a CPR course shall be the certificate issued by the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

EMS workers: Our courses count in WY as acceptable CME

Any entity that conducts advanced life support education for initial certification must have their ALS program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).


In-person training

If you prefer sit-down, in-person training for ACLS or CPR, we have you covered.

Pacific Medical Training course acceptance chart.

Life saving stories

Here's a few stories that warmed our heart. Just sharing and thanking you for choosing a career that helps people that need it most.

Good samaritan's quick actions save local 'coffee guy' from cardiac arrest

At the Original Pancake House in Champaign, Lester, known as "the coffee guy," had a near-fatal experience recently. Luckily, Shannon Walter, a nearby Good Samaritan, came to his aid using the Pulse Point app on her phone. Responding to an alert of someone in cardiac arrest, Shannon found Lester collapsing across the street after leaving work. Performing CPR as a trained instructor, Shannon's timely intervention was crucial. Dr. Kurt Bloomstrand highlighted the significance of immediate response in such cases, citing a 10% survival chance, which bystander CPR can triple. Emphasizing the time gap for EMS to arrive, he stressed the vital role of community CPR. Shannon's swift action underscores the importance of CPR training and the Pulse Point app, urging others to embrace preparedness for emergencies.

Full Story / October 16, 2023

Untrained wife's quick CPR saves husband's life during cardiac arrest

Steve Cline experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at home with his wife Annette in December. Annette, despite lacking medical training, performed CPR for six crucial minutes until help arrived. Grateful for her actions, Steve, 70, acknowledged, "The love of my life saved my life." Annette attributed the successful CPR to 911 dispatcher Chris Cook's guidance, commending his calm and directive approach. Cook focused her, emphasizing action over emotions. He coached her through "hands-only CPR," lauded by the American Heart Association for its simplicity. Paramedics resuscitated Steve five times in 43 minutes and provided acute rehabilitation, resulting in his full recovery. Meeting their rescuers nine months later, Annette and Steve planned to share their story to inspire others. Expressing gratitude, Annette gifted homemade cookies to the first responders.

Full Story / August 6, 2022

S’pore man saves colleague 4 times by performing CPR on 4 separate occasions after she suffered cardiac arrest

Grace, vice- chairman of HUG Community Services experienced cardiac arrest 5 times and 4 of these, he was saved by a colleague and mentor Jeffrey, a 54-year old, on 4 different occasions. The first incident happened when she was only 20 years old at a swimming pool. After she passed out and regained consciousness in Changi General Hospital (CGH), the nurse informed her that a stranger saved her by performing CPR. To this day, the identity of her savior remains unknown. Grace revealed that she has myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow. She forgets to take medications at times which she suspects could be the cause of her cardiac arrests. Grace emphasizes the value of learning CPR and says, “CPR is very, very important. I encourage everybody to learn. You may now know who is the next one who needs your help, regardless of who they are.”

Full Story / March 15, 2021

Police officer saved a citizen's life

A Casper police officer Amanda Cook, was the first responder on the scene where an adult was lying unconscious on the bed. She singlehandedly moved him to the floor and started providing CPR. She continued providing CPR until emergency healthcare providers arrived and took over. The individual’s pulse returned before they reached the hospital.

Full Story / December 30, 2019